Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gladiator PVP (with semi-PVE) Skill Build Level 50 cap T4

Ignore my wrong grammars hehe I'm not really good at it >.<

Alright first of all, this may be not recommended to all Gladiators because I'm not pro at skill builds. I built it based on my "playstyle" though before I made this build I first researched some other skill builds all over the net and had some ideas with. Now this is my personal skill build to share with you.

This would be the skill build I am going to use when DN SEA's 450 Mark patch comes. I think this build seems to be a "balanced" build for PVP and PVE as well. (It is 60% PVP and 40% PVE)

Note: "Brave" skill added at sword master's skill tree when patch comes at DN SEA.

W a r r i o r

Drop Kick for pvp purpose
Level 11 Rising Slash to fill up the needs of spending 45 sp on warrior's skill tree
Level 1 Circle Break pvp purpose useful to cancel some skills
Level 3 Relieve for removing 2 debuffs

S w o r d    M a s t e r 
I am not a fan of counter skills of SM coz I found it myself being useless (no offence but err..) since I'm not using gauntlet on PVP (hehe Patraic fan here! *evil laughs*)

Level 1 Parry for the pre-requisite of Parrying Stance
Level 1 Parrying Stance for some survival reasons
Level 1 Moonlight Splitter for pre-requisite of Cyclone Slash and a pretty useful spamming / interrupting skill on pvp
Level 1 Cylcone Slash for pvp purpose, you know what I mean  
Level 5 Brave for pve purpos 


G l a d i a t o r

Shoutout to "Scirians (DN SEA Westwood)" looool this build is quite similar to my current skill build.

Metshi Guild
DN SEA Westwood

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